If you’ve ever fantasized about one of the boys from the Vamps seducing you by singing one of their own songs, you’re about to be sorely disappointed. According to Sugarscape, a recent interview has the guys admitting that they're not exactly into the idea of using their own music to get with a girl.

James said, “No way. I would never want to. It would be cringe.”

Tristan also chimed in, going on to say, "We’re very involved in the sound of our songs, so we have to listen to them quite a lot. Kissing to them might be weird.”

It looks like that’s not the only emotion that makes the guys uncomfortable. Although they love the thought that people are moved by their music, when asked if they find crying fans a little awkward, James added: “Kind of. It’s nice that people can feel the emotion that was originally put in the song…” and Brad quickly finished: “Most of the songs we’ve released are upbeat, so maybe it’s a little weird.”

It’s fine. It’s not like we’ve ever wept at the thought of Brad singing ‘Girls on TV’ to us or anything.

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