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The Vamps' James McVey took to Twitter today (Dec. 12) to warn fans against getting too physical, as an incident involving total mayhem may have resulted in a wrist injury for the singer and guitarist. He posted the following tweets online, urging fans to be careful, and letting them know that he was hurt after a recent encounter:

Although there's limited info on what exactly went down, it looks like whatever happened wound up injuring James. The Vamps posted a photo on Instagram of the total pandemonium that we're assuming went down around the time of the incident (which you can check out above). We can't say the photo has any relation to the incident for sure, but it at least demonstrates the intensity that surrounds the band. The photo shows a huge group of fans surrounding James, with the caption: "People jumping barriers on the red carpet."

We know how much fans love the Vamps (and vice versa), and we totally understand that it can get pretty intense out there -- but we hope everyone can manage to stay calm and safe in the future.

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