We hope you guys aren't too attached to the Vamps' current sound. According to an interview the boys did with Digital Spy, it looks like they're ready to test the loyalty of their fans, because they’re headed in a totally different direction, sound-wise!

“We did 12 songs in a short period of time," Brad said. "We’ve been trying out so many different things. I think we’re going to wait and see what we get back and see how it is.”

It doesn’t sound like they’ll be transitioning to death metal any time soon, but we think it's safe to say that their next album will probably not be ‘Meet the Vamps’ 2.0.

Brad went on to say, “We tried that Magic! ‘Rude’ vibe for a couple, then there were a few ideas the producers had and we were like, ‘Let’s just try it out.’”

Considering how well adapting to a different sound has worked out for some artists (ahem, Taylor Swift) we totally don’t blame the Vamps for switching things up. So what should we expect from them? “It was very different — like urban, one of them! I think it’s good for us to just try everything and then when we get them back, we will know what we want to do,” Brad said.

Even more unexpected is the possibility of an '80s rock, Police-esque vibe on the new album, apparently influenced by producer Max Martin.

"There were a few people we wanted to work with on the first album that we've got in with for this one, which is cool," Brad said. "Like the Max Martin camp - they are really good, and that's where the Police vibe came from."

We're definitely excited to hear new music from the Vamps, and we're sure whatever they wind up coming out with is going to be fantastic, so bring it on!

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