If you're a fan of super cute pop band the Vamps (and, let's be real, who isn't?) their latest tweet is definitely bound to make you happy. The risque tweet in question shows one of the members of the band wearing a pair of black Levis boxer briefs, a hat and, well, not much else. We want to say it's Brad in that photo (judging by the hair and sheer intuition), but we also don't want to ignite a hate-storm if we're wrong, so we're going to strongly imply it's Brad in that photo rather than totally confirm it.

Of course we felt we had no choice but to pick out some of our favorite reactions, because there's no way a nearly-nude photo of a boyband member could do anything other than totally deliver on the fan front. We certainly had to keep some of the more, um, colorful tweets on Twitter, but we think we managed a few good ones anyway. Check 'em out below!

If only all other boybanders would follow suit. Do you hear us, One Direction? Zayn? Harry? Feel free to show us how you guys greet room service. But we digress -- is that Brad in the photo above? Do you guys totally love it? Don't answer that -- we know you do.

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