The Vamps' James McVey posted what we're pretty sure is in the running for the title of Greatest Throwback Thursday Photo of All Time (even though he shared it yesterday).

Taking to Instagram, James posted an old photo of himself and captioned it with: "With all this 'first facebook profile pic' malarkey going on at the moment, I checked out my first MySpace picture..." and, unsurprisingly, we're totally obsessed. There's nothing like combing through the very first photos you posted of yourself online. They're usually insanely embarrassing, to say the least, because they're typically taken when you're in one of the more awkward stages of life. From middle school braces to tragic high school haircuts, there's nothing like a look back to make you appreciate the present.

James' old photo is, admittedly, not too bad. He's rocking some seriously shaggy blonde hair, beat up old sneakers and a multi-colored striped shirt and black pants. Our favorite part is his expression -- like he's totally annoyed and bored and has way better things to do than pose for this photo, but he'll do it anyway because whatever. We've all been there, right? Some of us are permanently there, so we feel you, young James.

Check out James' throwback photo above and let us know what you think!

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