Pop music fans are known for being open on the Internet about their dedication to their favorite artists -- and sometimes, that means sending some pretty quirky messages to the stars. When the Vamps stopped by the PopCrush office in New York City, they read through some of the zaniest, funniest and sweetest Stuff Fans Say!

Since this is our inaugural episode of Stuff Fans Say (and really, who better to kick off the series than the guys in the Vamps?), here's a brief rundown of what happens. We scoured the far social corners of the Web -- everywhere from Twitter to Facebook to Instagram to YouTube -- to find the most bizarre fan comments about the Vamps, for the band to read on camera. Their reactions are totally spontaneous and totally amazing.

Just how out there are these comments, you ask? Well, you'll really need to watch the video to see.

Check out the Vamps' unfiltered reactions to Stuff Fans Say in the video above.

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