Well folks, it’s finally here: Finale week of ‘The Voice’! Tonight, the remaining three finalists -- Jacquie Lee, Will Champlin and Tessanne Chin -- took the stage for their last chance to impress voters.

The show opened with a performance by judges Adam, Christina, Blake, and Cee Lo singing ‘Pour Some Sugar on Me.’ The judges were accompanied by members of Def Leppard. The performance was kind of awesome, and the “veteran” musicians proved that they can do more than just sit in their chairs and look pretty.

Tonight, each finalist sang not one, not two, but THREE songs, in an effort to stretch the finale out as looong as possible. The singers started off with songs they had originally sang way back during their blind auditions.

Tessanne reprised her performance of Pink’s ‘Try.’ Although we’re getting a bit tired of singing Tessanne’s praises, she’s really positioned herself as the strongest contender left in this competition, and her vocal talent is simply unmatched. This performance was no different, with Tessanne singing her heart out and Adam squealing with delight… you know the drill.

Will then sang his blind audition song, Gavin DeGraw’s ‘Not Over You.’ Will really is the underdog now, and it’s likely that many viewers of the show are surprised to see him in the finale. His performances have been a bit hit-or-miss, but clearly his fans have stood by him all the way through and there are many people out there rooting for him. Will once again missed a lot of the big notes on this song, showing his inferiority to Tessanne who sang moments before. But with all his weaknesses, we still find ourselves cheering him on.

Then it was Jacquie’s first song of the night, ‘Back to Black’ by the late Amy Winehouse. This performance was… meh. Jacquie often feels like all scream and little substance, which was the case with this performance. We were more enthralled by the bizarre '60s-styled guitarists doing very weird head movements.

For the second round, vocalists got the chance to sing alongside their coaches, starting with Tessanne and Adam, singing ‘Let It Be.’ There’s no doubt that Tessanne and Adam have a very special relationship -- there’s a whole lotta love there. Adam said he had never been this excited for any performance in his life. The two had great chemistry onstage, and we even got treated to a sweet guitar solo by the Sexiest Man Alive himself. They also did one verse in reggae-style, a nod to Tessanne’s Jamaican background... and somehow, miraculously, it worked. Nice!

Then Christina and Jacquie sang ‘We Remain’ with Xtina never missing an opportunity to self-promote. The song felt like a battle of “who can scream the loudest” with both ladies screeching until they could screech no more. Pass the earplugs, please.

Adam got another chance to show off, singing with his second finalist, Will, for a rendition of Elton John’s classic tune ‘Tiny Dancer.’ Adam and Will have a cute little bromance going on, and we very much enjoyed watching the two sing together.

Next, because three solo performances was clearly not enough, the finalists sang together as a trio, singing ‘I’ll Be There’ by The Jackson 5. Will, with the most naturally soulful voice of the three, was most in his element with this song and outshone his two female competitors.

For Tessanne’s final solo performance, Adam chose ‘I Have Nothing’ by Whitney Houston. Everyone knows that Whitney songs are mostly untouchable, due to the fact that her vocals are impossible to imitate. Clearly with this choice, Adam was hoping Tessanne would convert those last viewers still sitting on the fence. We’re pretty sure Tessanne would have made Whitney very proud with her performance, showing everyone that she really can sing with the best of ‘em. Adam proclaimed that in his mind and heart, Tessanne IS the winner of the competition.

Watch Tessanne Chin Perform Whitney Houston's 'I Have Nothing'

Will sang Bryan Adams’ cry-worthy ‘Everything I Do (I Do It for You).’ This particular song is such a classic ballad, and we really think Will managed to do it justice (although we could have done without his bedazzled blazer). Big kudos to Adam Levine for always selecting appropriate and effective song choices for his team members.

Watch Will Champlin Perform Bryan Adams' 'Everything I Do (I Do It for You)'

Jacquie finished the night singing ‘And I Am Telling You,’ made famous by Jennifer Hudson. Due to the very nature of this song, we knew Jacquie would be going BIG with this performance, which is exactly what she did. If nothing else, at the very least, we can say that Jacquie is very consistent with her vocal style; whether that style appeals to voters or not, we’re not sure, but we will find out tomorrow during the big finale episode. One more day!

Watch Jacquie Lee Perform Jennifer Hudson's 'And I'm Telling You'