Canada's hottest R&B export, The Weeknd (real name Abel Tesfaye), has released a new mixtape called 'Thursday,' the follow-up to his celebrated debut effort 'House of Balloons.' The collection is a free download on his official website and can also be stream online via his YouTube page.

Once an enigma in the R&B game, Tesfaye has come out of the shadows and embraced his fame despite not being signed to a major label. With fellow Canadian artist Drake cosigning the singer and enlisting him for his upcoming album 'Take Care,' that could change real soon.

One of the weird songs featured on 'Thursday' is the atmospheric ballad 'The Zone,' which features a verse from Drake. On the seven-minute track, Weeknd sings of taking drugs and making love to girl while he's high. Yeah, it's a weird tune, yet it's melodic and soft in its production. The crooner yearns, "I'ma touch you right / Let me set this slow, let me get into the zone." Now, whether he's drugging her up with his love or with something else is the mystery that Weeknd likes his fans to interpret.

Drake also gets mysterious with his lyrics as he tells a groupie: "Well, girl let's go / Walk your broken heart through that door / Sit yo sexy a-- on that couch / Wipe that lipstick off of your mouth / I take it slow / She in love with my crew / She said make enough so I can try some / I though taking drugs just ain't you / Be you."

So, be forewarned, 'The Zone' is not your atypical R&B ballad. The song is dark, hallucinatory and a little creepy. Much of the music on 'Thursday' is very adult so if you are looking for lovey-dovey R&B ballads you won't find it on here.

Listen to The Weeknd, 'Zone' Feat. Drake