Going solo is the new thing for Girls' Generation. Just ask Yoona! Or Taeyeon! Or Jessica! (One day, anyway.)

And now, it's Tiffany's turn.

The San Francisco-born Girls' Generation/TaeTiSeo singer dropped her debut EP today (May 10) called I Just Wanna Dance, a mini-record full of lush, '80s-inflected synth-pop and slinky R&B midtempo grooves.

Tiffany Girls Generation

The 7-track collection includes hypnotic lead single and title track "I Just Wanna Dance," an English and Korean version of a song (penned by Tiffany and Girls' Generation's own Sooyoung, respectively) called "What Do I Do" and, incredibly, even a song co-written by Girls Aloud Dainty Doll darling Nicola Roberts (!!!) called "Talk." And it's all pretty great! Good album cover, too. ("Talk" might be the best of the bunch outside of the lead single, but I'm biased, because NICOLA.)

Watch Tiff turn out her best parking lot choreography while wearing kneepads in the BoA-ish MV for "I Just Wanna Dance" up top, and listen to the I Just Wanna Dance EP below.