When we had To Be One in the PopCrush studio, we didn't just have them sing and dance for us. Of course we had to get the low-down on what Mikey, Madison and Jason are #Crushing on this very minute -- everything from their dream girls to their secret hobbies.

The guys dished to PopCrush all about their celeb crushes (Selena Gomez for Mikey, Chloe Grace Moretz for Jason), what movies they're obsessed with right now (you may be surprised at Madison's pick) and even what their secret hobbies are.

"Something the fans might not know about me is that I like to bake," Mikey revealed. "You know why, because I'm a junk food addict."

But Madison was quick to point out that he didn't really believe Mikey.

"For the record, I have never seen him eat one piece of junk food in my entire life," Madison counters. "And I've known him for seven years."

Watch the guys of To Be One give the scoop on all of their current crushes above!