Trace Cyrus is ready to start fresh with his new musical project Ashland HIGH, and he recently sat down with Clevver TV to discuss how his life has changed over the past two years. After the breakup of his band Metro Station, Cyrus was in a dark place mentally. However, with the help of his fiancee and an eagerness to find his own musical direction, he's come through it as a stronger person and more confident artist.

"I've just been kind of trying to find my own sound with my new project Ashland HIGH, and finding the right team and getting back out there. So, finally all the pieces have come back in place and I'm about to really just make my way back in the music world," Cyrus said while sitting down in his home studio.

"My band Metro Station broke up about two years ago and that was a hard time for me," Cyrus continued. "I was just depressed because I went from on top of the world to just losing my friends, [and] not really knowing where I wanted to go musically."

Despite this struggle, things are definitely looking up for the musician, who is engaged to actress Brenda Song. "I'm in a totally different spot than I was two years ago … Now finally I'm happy. I have a fiancee I'm in my house, I have a great home studio where I [get] to record."

As for his new sound? Cyrus said, "With these new songs I really tried to write strictly just pop songs. There's a lot of electronic influences with the beats and the synthesizers and stuff -- a lot of '80s influences and stuff. But still I just like to say it's pop."

Be sure to check out the full interview below to learn more about Trace, his new music, and his relationship with his fiancee Brenda.

Watch Trace Cyrus' Interview With Clevver TV

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