Miley Cyrus must be pretty darn persuasive, because it didn't take long to convince her older brother Trace to get some new ink -- immediately after he tweeted about how much he regretted his tattoos.

The heavily-tatted Trace Cyrus shocked fans last night (Sept. 30) when he tweeted that he "ruined his body" with the art. The Metro Station singer wrote:


But not only were his fans taken aback, so was his younger sister (who is no stranger to tattoos herself). Miley was quick to compliment her brother -- and then tried to convince him to get even more ink:


As it turns out, Trace didn't need that much convincing, responding to Miley:

Our take? When you have as many tattoos as Trace does, what's one more? Plus, Miley may even be willing to tattoo this one on him -- considering she's tattooed people in the past.

Check out a picture of the rocker's fully-tatted body below.

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