Miley Cyrus can now add "tattoo artist" to her resume, tatting her BFF/assistant Cheyne Thomas over the weekend in a process that was well-documented on Instagram, of course.

In the series of photos, Miley is seen smiling as she carefully holds the needle in her rubber-gloved hands, hovering over Cheyne's ankle. But because this is Miley, the 'Wrecking Ball' singer didn't just do the inking and be done with it -- she also let Cheyne tattoo her, taking her own turn in the hot seat. And when all was said and done, Miley proudly showed off her handiwork to the camera. Peep the pics below!

Miley looks deep in concentration as she gears up to tat her friend.

Bzz! Now it's Miley's turn for some new ink.

The finished product (well, one of them). Check out Cheyne's smiley face tat by Miley!

Smilers, what do you think of Miley and Cheyne tattooing each other?

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