Both Miley Cyrus and Drake are rockin' some emoticon-inspired ink. Whose emoji tattoo is best?

Miley Cyrus opted to get the crying kitty emoji tatted on her lower lip, rocking the fun and colorful tat only when she pulls down her bottom lip and flaunts the ink inside. We can't even deny it -- choosing to get the sad cat emoji inked on yourself is definitely, ahem, a unique decision -- but it's so uniquely Miley, and that's what we love about her. Miley's entire Bangerz Tour has been all about bold, provocative moves and vivid colors, so it was only fitting that she got a permanent pop culture reminder about this time in her life. Live it up, girl!

Drake recently followed in Miley's footsteps, getting the praying hands emoji permanently inked onto his arm. While there has definitely been some debate about what the emoji represents (is it two hands clasped in prayer, or is it two hands high-fiving each other?) Drake has a sense of humor about it all, reportedly commenting, “It will be the debate until the end of time… high five or praying hands… life is what you make it haas ... I pity the fool who high fives in 2014.” Prayer hands it is, Drizzy!

Whose emoji tattoo is best? Cast your vote for Miley Cyrus or Drake in the poll below.

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