Tracy Morgan will host Saturday Night Live this Saturday, October 17 (with musical guest Demi Lovato!). In his first round of promos, the comedian jokes about the very thing many viewers are curious about: Has the auto accident that left him badly injured in June slowed him down permanently? Fortunately for all involved, he seems to be the same Tracy.

"Tracy, it's such an honor to have you back," says SNL cast member Bobby Moynihan. "Back where?" Morgan asks, appearing confused. "Did I used to work here?"

"Yeah, Tracy, you worked here for like seven years," Moynihan replies. "I can't remember anymore...HAHAHA, just messing with you, Bobby!" Morgan says, going from sad to joking before things get too awkward. Then, like many before him, he goes on to confuse Bobby Moynihan with Horatio Sans.

We get a "I'm gonna get everybody in this building pregnant" — which is basically Morgan's catchphrase — and, in what is weirdly the funniest bit in the bunch for some reason, a clip in which Tracy won't let Bobby stop clapping.

Morgan was critically injured in June when a Walmart truck rear-ended a limo bus carrying the 30 Rock actor and six other people and killing comedian Jimmy "Mack" McNair. Driver fatigue was cited, and Walmart settled with he accident victims' families. While it was initially unclear if Tracy Morgan would fully recover from head injuries sustained in the wreck, he surprised the Emmys audience in September, appearing without the aid of a cane and seeming nearly back in full form.

Morgan's Saturday Night Live airs October 17 at 11:30/10:30c on NBC.