At this point, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker is getting pretty close to running out of room for tattoos -- but he managed to find a bit of unadorned epidermis during his most recent trip to get some ink, and ended up having his latest band's logo emblazoned on the back of his head.

While pounding the skins for the reunited Blink, Barker is also manning the kit for the Transplants, the on-again/off-again supergroup featuring members of Rancid and the Slackers. Their upcoming third album, 'One Blood,' must have Barker feeling pretty jazzed about the band, because he sat while renowned tattoo artist Mister Cartoon carved a fairly detailed replica of their logo into his shorn scalp. That's commitment.

But don't go thinking Barker is through with Blink -- the band is spending a significant chunk of 2012 on the road to celebrate its 20th anniversary and help promote its most recent album, 'Neighborhoods,' released last fall. Take a look at Travis' new ink and let us know what you think in the comments!