Like former teammate Amanda Brown, Team Cee Lo ingenue Trevin Hunte really doesn't need much of an introduction -- the powerhouse vocalist is one of the frontrunners on 'The Voice,' and again, like Brown, he shares the same range and pipes as his one-time battle round partner.

Thankfully, Hunte decided to switch things up to "show America a different side of me." Considering he's done nothing but ballads, he decided to take a risk by choosing 'Scream' by Usher to show a "funner side to me" in case people forgot that he in fact is still 18-years-old.

The first verse didn't start out the strongest during the live performance, but once he reached the chorus, it was as if he took on all of the confidence in the room, because he owned the chorus. But it was the bridge of "yeah's" that really took the cake during the performance, and was definitely the most memorable. Still, it was nice to see Hunte out of his comfort zone and try something more fun, because it looked like he had a grand ol' time on stage!

"I kind of truly believe that you can sing, dare I say, anything, and it'll sound good," said Adam Levine. "It isn't my favorite moment [from you], but like I said, you can sing a dictionary man, it doesn't matter."

"I think this was my favorite moment coming from you," countered Christina Aguilera. "I say good for you. Cee Lo's right, you have sung ballad after ballad after ballad, and as entertainers, we have to stay inspired. But you were living man, you're 18, you were living!"