During the battle round on ‘The Voice’ tonight (Oct. 8), Trevin Hunte advanced for Cee Lo Green’s team. The shy 18-year-old edged out world traveler Amanda Brown after their performance of Mariah Carey’s ‘Vision of Love’ – but the latter made such an amazing impression on the judges that one of them wound up stealing her from Cee Lo.

“I did not realize she had the range that she does,” Cee Lo admitted about Brown, recognizing that he had misjudged the extent of her talents. Hunte admitted to feeling intimidated by Brown’s stunning vocals during their practice sessions. “Trevin is his own worst enemy,” said guest mentor and Matchbox Twenty frontman Rob Thomas in regard to Hunte’s confidence issues.

But despite his wavering self-confidence, Hunte delivered a powerful and strong performance, proving that he too can be a star when he puts his mind to it.

This particular battle round was a hit amongst all of the judges. Adam Levine claimed that he was insane for not having chosen either of them after their blind auditions. “I can’t think of one negative thing to say,” Blake Shelton added in praise of their jaw-dropping duet. “That was, hands down, the best performance we’ve had in the battle rounds so far – thank you for that!” Christina Aguilera exclaimed.

Cee Lo was faced with an extremely tough choice, but he eventually picked Hunte as the winner. Following his decision, the rest of the judges were all too eager to snatch up Brown for their own team. “I hold very few singers in such high regard, but you’re one of them,” Levine remarked emphatically, wearing an expression that clearly read “please pick me!”

“You all are unbelievably amazing,” began Brown. “As a singer and as an artist, I always try to reach outside of the box … and for that reason, I choose Adam.”

“I’m blessed to have stolen Amanda – she’s a beyond solid addition to my team,” said Levine while sporting an ear-to-ear grin. “I know how to steal. I’m a good thief.”