It still boggles our mind that Team Adam member Amanda Brown was only a background singer before landing on 'The Voice.' Pipes like hers deserve to be heard, ya'll!

As if this girl needs much more of a an introduction...

After watching Grace Potter sing 'Stars' on a late night talk show, Levine felt the song would be perfect for his protege; and based on what the footage of the rehearsals showed us, we think her coach did her a great favor by choosing it, because Brown was spot on.

Nothing changed from rehearsals to the live performance, minus the change of clothes, of course. In a simple black and white jacket and black pants, Brown looked pretty and sounded even prettier, nailing each and every note that she came across. Her eyes speak volumes with each performance -- the girl clearly has the emotion and drive to win the competition, and seems to want it bad enough. Heck, her performances are always dead on that it's hard to write a recapping without repeating ourselves.

"You know what, Amanda? I'll be honest with you, I didn't know that song. But I'm glad, because that performance is the way I wanna be introduced to that song," said Blake Shelton. "That was magical. To me, that was the girl who sang 'Dream On' a couple of weeks ago."

And that's the million dollar word to describe her performance: magical.