Amanda Brown can easily be considered one of the frontrunners of 'The Voice,' and silly Cee Lo Green must be kicking himself for pairing her and other frontrunner Trevin Hunte together in the knockout rounds.

Luckily, the "save" option was there and Adam Levine picked her up, adding what he can now call the strongest voice on his team.

Brown, who considers herself a rocker, chose 'Spectrum' by Florence and the Machine, and Levine actually had to tell Brown to reign it in during rehearsals, because he was afraid she was straining too much during the song. Uh, never a good sign.

But naturally, Brown nailed the vocals during her performance. The song itself is set sharp, so hearing Brown screech properly was painful on the ears regardless of how on pitch it was. Because of this, one could deem it distracting, but nonetheless, Brown is a voice to be reckoned with during this competition.

Blake Shelton was the one coach who summed it up nicely when he said he wasn't aware of "how many sounds there are in your voice."