Being the first contestant to sing on 'The Voice' isn't a great sign; it's long considered to be the worst slot to have to fill, but when it was announced that Team Adam's powerhouse vocalist Amanda Brown would be the first to go, it changed our minds.

But then we found out she was singing Adele's 'Someone Like You' and our minds changed yet again. Not only is the song overused and overplayed in the reality show singing circuit, it takes a voice that can belt and scream, which Brown can, but it's something she does far too often and should generally stay away from in order to show her versatility.

Mr. Levine wanted it to be a "harder" performance, reminiscent of her amazing rendition of Aerosmith's 'Dream On,' versus a pretty sounding ditty. Well, Brown brought the rasp to the song, belting, as usual, and adding an interesting grit to the tone of her voice during one aspect of the chorus. It was nice, because she only "brought it on" once instead of choosing to do it repetitively, therefore making it her song, not Adele's.

It's clear that Brown has the tone to make it as a rocker, and it's obvious she's a risk taker, and as Cee Lo said, she's someone who's brave enough to take risks so late into the competition, which is something he appreciates, and something the home audience appreciates as well.