The 18-year-old from Queens Trevin Hunte was about to sing his first song of the night on 'The Voice,' and we were really apprehensive, because we were preparing ourselves for yet another ballad. But leave it to Cee Lo Green, sick and all, to throw us for a loop!

The first song choice for Hunte this week was "Walking on Sunshine," and as Adam Levine mentioned during critiques, we were like, "whaaaat?!" "I think Cee Lo wanted to pull Trevin out of his comfort zone," said fill-in mentor Pat Monahan of Train. "It's not really his style but he could make it a little more current." And Hunte must have gained a bout of confidence from his new mentor, because he mentioned that he felt an "instant connection with" Pat.

We were thrilled to see Trevin step outside of his comfort zone, because he started the song really strong and seemed to genuinely be having a great time with it, which is comforting to see given the fact that he's had serious confidence issues in the past. It looks like that instant connection with Monahan did Hunte some good!

His vocals were strong, as they usually are; with Trevin, it's never about the power or strength of his voice, the viewers and coaches know it's there. Rather, it's about versatility. He's been stuck in the ballad genre for weeks now, and based on his rankings on iTunes and being called last during the results show, it was obvious that the audience was growing tired of the not-so-one trick pony.

"That is the last song I could ever imagine and then you came out here and totally changed my mind," said Levine. "That is the genius of Cee Lo Green ... I'm just happy it all worked. It was an amazingly cool and different choice." Blake Shelton agreed, saying that he loved the little moments where he hit the big notes. "I love it when you do that man, gosh dangit, it's good!"

As for Trevin's second performance, we'd been waiting for Trevin to sing this song since his audition!

He chose 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' by Jennifer Hudson from 'Dreamgirls,' and while he calls it a risky choice, we know his voice is perfect for this song, because hello?! Have you heard this man's voice? Did you hear him audition to Beyonce's 'Listen'?! Lawd have mercy.

Pat Monahan said during rehearsals that he hoped Jennifer Hudson didn't hear his rendition of the song because it was that good, and we'd be deaf, dumb and blind to not agree with him, because holy cow, what a performance. We truly have no words to describe the performance he gave because it was literally one of the most breathtaking performances we've seen on the show thus far. Filled with such power and emotion, Hunte owned the song, and quite possibly stole the show with it. Him getting teary eyed due to the rousing sound of applause afterward just proves how badly he wants this.

"That's one of the best performances I've seen on the show, seriously, maybe ever," said Adam Levine. Christina Aguilera, recovering from his performance by fanning herself agreed. "Other vocalists can hit notes and hit certain things, but it's about an emotion," she said. "But when you hit those notes, there's something about you that's so magical ... I wanted you from day one, but I'm so happy to be here and to enjoy the beginning of your career. If a record deal doesn't happen after this, I'd love to take you on the road, under my wing. I'd love to show you the ropes personally."

Cee Lo then asked for a moment of silence to mourn the loss of all of the other competition, and we throw our hands up in agreement because who'd want to follow that?

Watch Trevin Hunte Perform 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' on 'The Voice'