Is it just us or did 'The Voice' purposefully make Trevin Hunte the last performer on the show? Who cares, because they "go and saaaave the best, for laaaaast!"

Hunte fills our heart with so much joy that we can't even begin to describe it. From his genuine, kind, and vulnerable demeanor to the pureness of his voice, we were an instant fan from his blind audition - we can only hope that the young man who struggles with his confidence will find a surge of it during the live playoffs.

At first the song choice, Michael Bolton's 'How Am I Supposed to Live Without You,' seemed a little questionable, because, well, it's Michael Bolton, and even his coach told him to "make it cool." No pressure at all, Cee Lo.

But as per usual, Hunte did the song more than justice. The 18-year-old owned the song, drawing on his emotion to bring it warmth. And every time, every dang time he hit those high notes, our eyes filled with tears, not only from his voice, but from the passion he exudes while performing.

The coaches praised his performance and his vocals, and even though Christina Aguilera was impressed and called him one of her favorite artists, she wants more -- she wants that money note she knows he's capable of. But it was Blake Shelton who summed up everyone in the room's feelings when he gave a standing ovation and simply said, "You have what it takes to win 'The Voice.'"

And we end the show speechless.