For Troye Sivan fans, it probably feels like forever since he last released new music. There was 2014's successful debut EP TRXYE, and Troye's recent collaboration on the Zedd track "Papercut." Otherwise, things have seemed relatively quiet for the YouTuber lately, at least from an outsider's perspective. But that's only because he's been hard at work on a second EP, titled Wild, set to be released later this year.

During the closing ceremonies at this year's VidCon (an annual convention celebrating YouTubers and Viners alike) Troye made the EP announcement via a prerecorded video. He spoke about his debut EP and how its success led him to his next musical venture, saying, “The EP debuted at number 5 on Billboard, and that was literally all because of you guys. And so after all of that I was kind of left with the question of ‘Okay, now what?’ The only logical answer was, ‘Alright. Let’s do it again, and lets do it even better.’”

He went on to talk about his forthcoming Wild EP, saying, "I met and collaborated with some of my favorite artists ever. I cried a lot,” and, “This music has my heart and my soul in it and I’ve never worked at something as hard as i’ve worked at this."

While the video is scarce on offering truly fulfilling details like a release date or even a single announcement, Troye did elaborate on the upcoming EP on his YouTube page. He wrote, "WILD is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole to introduce you guys to all of the music i've got coming in 2015. I couldn't be prouder, and can't wait for you guys to hear this. thank you from the bottom of my heart, endlessly."

Check out Troye's video announcement above, and keep track of any new Wild developments by heading over to his website.