Last year, beloved YouTuber Troye Sivan sent ripples through the Tumblrsphere (and beyond) with his genuinely excellent TRXYE EP, a collection of moody, surprisingly solid synth-pop offering including lead single "Happy Little Pill," which went on to chart all across the world.

As it turns out, Sivan had more than just his fervent fleet of YouTube fangirls (and boys) paying attention, as the doe-eyed 19-year-old now finds himself on the track list of Empire State Building enthusiast Zedd's brand new album True Colors, released this week (May 18).

The nearly 8-minute epic, "Papercut," finds the Aussie-based crooner entering onto the dance floor for the first time, while still retaining the lyrical essence of his pensive debut. "I was staring at the ceiling. You're so pretty when you're mad / All that I can hear is breathing, ahh-ah-ahh-ah-ahh..." he sadly coos, as the track slowly builds from a solemn piano ballad into an all-out, pulverizing House production. At times, it sounds a bit like September's "Cry For You" — and that's a very good thing.

The haunting, late night post-fight rumination is a more mature listen than what you might expect to hear from someone who hasn't even hit his twenties yet: "Right now, I don't know why I love you / But by the morning when we wake up, I'll reach for you and remember it was just a papercut..."

Melancholy disco is, of course, the best kind of dance music. And if anything, "Papercut" is even further proof that Troye's got the chops worthy of a big budget production. Here's hoping he'll dabble in the club scene on that upcoming debut. Hey Zedd, you got some spare time to produce a full LP by any chance?