Tyga's 'Rack City' video is not suitable for work at all (unless you work in the red light district), and it poses more questions than the rapper may realize. The clip opens with Tyga whispering, "Rack, Rack City b----" over a city scape and in front of a wall, before cutting to the interior of a strip club. This is appropriate, considering Tyga then says, "Ten ten ten twenties on your t-----s b----." Which brings us to our first question: You kiss your mother with that mouth, Tyga?!

Well, he kisses someone with it, but probably no one he'd bring home to his mom. Pole dancers abound and we the unique pleasure of watching Tyga get a lap dance. Dollar bills fly around one young lady on a pole, and Tyga goes on to tell us about someone's grandma being "on his d---." You sure you wanted to share that, Tyga?

There's more strippers, more money, more cliches throughout the clip. Tyga goes on to discuss "throwing hunnids," his Young Money label and taking off his shirt when the club gets too packed (though he doesn't demonstrate). Why so shy, Tyga?

The clip is a far cry from his last video for 'Far Away,' a ballad with 'American Idol' runner up Chris Richardson. The song itself is also quite different from his collaboration with Young Money label mate Drake, 'Still Got It,' that leaked this fall. What happened to your creativity, Tyga?

The video's full of hip hop video archetypes that the promising MC doesn't need to succumb to in order to be successful, so it's a little unfortunate -- if titillating -- that he went this route. In terms of content, 'Rack City,' while somewhat dirty, remains rather lather, rinse and repeat.

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