Tyler Posey is now on OnlyFans—and he wants you to subscribe!

The 28-year-old actor revealed his arrival to the app with a video shared to his Twitter account Monday (September 28). The clip is shot like a trailer for an action movie, except the climax is... Posey strumming his guitar in the nude. This is OnlyFans, after all.

Watch Posey's announcement video, below.

While OnlyFans was designed as a subscription-based content service for all sorts of creators and influencers, it has become the unofficial platform for sex workers to make a living.

Several OnlyFans users became upset when actress Bella Thorne made an account, using her celebrity status to make more than $2 million in just one week. Subsequently, Thorne was accused of "scamming" members by labeling certain photos as "nude," even though she was partially clothed.

Social media users are having a similar reaction to Posey's involvement with OnlyFans. Many Twitter users are agitated with the Teen Wolf star for capitalizing on a platform that provides income for sex workers who need it most:

But other users admit they'll subscribe to Posey's OnlyFans account, even if it's problematic:

Would you sign up for a Tyler Posey OnlyFans subscription? Or should celebrities stay away from the platform entirely? Posey joins the likes of Tyga and Pia Mia, both of whom are also on OnlyFans.

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