Tyrese was incredibly torn up over Paul Walker's death. The actor died in a two person, one car accident in November while at a charity event and his friend and co-star was traumatized by the loss. While serving as the couch guest on 'Arsenio,' the actor and musician revealed how he is coping and how he got over the loss.

"Everyone knows what ended up happening in my world around the end of the year with Paul Walker, my best man," Tyrese said in his Jan. 15 appearance on the talk show. "It was a lot of shock and trauma for the family and all of us involved, because he’s just such a nice guy."

Tyrese admitted that Walker's death caused him to be depressed for the first time and that he had been with the actor just four days prior to his passing. He admitted, "I’ve never been depressed in my life, but I was very sad and down, and it took me a minute to shake it."

One thing that helped Tyrese to shake his sadness over the loss of Walker was a trip to Dubai, which is where he found his smile again. He turned 35 and spent time with his BFF and mentor Will Smith. He said the two-week trip made him feel like he has already lived for eight months. "It was that amazing out there," he concluded.

He also thanked fans for the love and support they sent to the Walker family, both nuclear and extended, during this difficult time. He said that thinking about how Walker's energy was always up was another thing that helped him move on.

R.I.P., Paul Walker.