As a true blue pop fan, which singers and musicians would fill your dream festival lineup? With the summer festival season on the horizon, the PopCrush staff got to thinking of potential festival lineups that would be fantastic for the year 2013, like which superstar headliners we'd recruit (Beyonce, Maroon 5Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars) and which entertainers we'd want to see live from other genres outside of pure pop (Fall Out Boy, the Lumineers, Nicki Minaj, Daft Punk).

Since we love receiving reader input and having a bit of hypothetical fun, we've come up with four groups of potential headliners for the Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival of 2013, our totally fake but would-be-awesome-if-it-was-real live show. There are four others groups of possible performers in the Rock, Hip-Hop, Indie and EDM genres for you to vote on too.

Here's the category rundown: First Headliner, reserved for the biggest and best pop acts; Second Headliner, another group of huge, huge pop artists; Third Headliner, even more chart-topping acts from 2013; Fourth Headliner, where you can vote on a younger and newer legion of massive pop stars; Alt Rock Act, a batch of the most popular rock acts with Top 40 appeal; Indie-Pop Act, which includes everyone from folk-y singer-songwriters to heavier dance-pop artists; Hip-Hop Act, a group of the greatest rhyme slingers from this past year;  and EDM Act, where you can vote for the electronic dance artist you'd most like to see perform live.

So, who will be the final eight performers on the bill for 2013's Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival? It's up to you, the readers, to decide! You can check out all of the polls below, and click on the buttons to get more info on each category and the individual nominees. Voting will close at 12PM ET on Wednesday, July 31. We will share the final lineup for the Ultimate PopCrush Music Festival of 2013 shortly after!