In case you ever wanted to hear the characters of Family Guy belt out Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk" -- and really, who wouldn't? -- here's your chance!

Thanks to Mikey Bolts -- a crazy talented YouTuber known for his dead-on impersonations -- we now know exactly what it would sound like if Peter, Stewie, Quagmire, Joe and many more Seth MacFarlane-created cartoons decided to bust out some Bruno.

While Peter Griffin and Stewie Griffin take the major lead on the track (Stewie sings the melody while Peter's nasal laugh takes over the infectious beat), Mikey -- who is clearly as big of a Family Guy/Seth MacFarlane stan as this PopCrush editor -- makes sure to include the most deliciously random characters as well. Like, we pretty much peed our pants laughing at Bruce's trademark "ohhh" and "ohhh nooo"s and love that he created parts for Neil Goldman and Herbert.

The fact that American Dad! characters like Roger and Avery Bullock make cameos (along with a certain King of the Hill) is just icing on the Quahog cake at this point. The only thing -- the only thing! -- that would have made the cover just the tiniest bit more epic would've been if Mikey decided to add a little Conseula and her Lemon Pledge into the mix. We'll forgive him this time.

Watch Mikey Bolts sing "Uptown Funk" in the style of Family Guy characters in the video above!

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