Cute animals are always a surefire way to get viewers excited about a commercial. Volkswagen features pooches of various breeds in a new ad called 'Woofwagen' that shows off the diversity of the car company's product line.

"There's a Volkswagen for all of us," reads the text at the end of the ad, which consists almost entirely of canines sticking their heads out car windows as the VWs speed down the road. Mastiff, Afghan hound, basset hound, and boxer are just some of the doggie superstars in the commercial.

The song in the promo is 'Me and You' by Barry Louis Polisar, who is best-known as a children's author and singer who contributed 'All I Want is You' to the 'Juno' soundtrack. 'Me and You' was featured on 'Juno B-Sides: Almost-Adopted Songs,' an iTunes-only collection of leftovers from the film. The song originally appeared on Polisar's first album back in 1975.

Want to know which dog breed matches up with each Volkswagen model? There's a page on the VW site with just that information. Spoiler: Dalmations represent the Eos, while collies are a better fit for the Passat Estate.