'Weird Al' Yankovic isn't just an accordion-playing comic, singer, songwriter, actor, author and director -- he's also a magician!

The pop culture parodist, whose album 'Mandatory Fun' hit No. 1 over the summer, is more correctly a kitchen magician. No, we're not talking his cooking skill ... well, you really have to watch his latest video to find out what we mean. We don't want to spoil the fun for you!

Weird Al released the short clip showing off his wizardry on Wednesday (Dec. 17), and it's already racked up an astounding 3 million views and counting. "Thanks to Justin Willman for showing me this stupid trick," the Weird one wrote on his official YouTube channel.

Click above to watch the amazing 16-second video, simply but accurately titled 'Mysterious Floating Orb.' It will leave you laughing -- guaranteed!

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