"Weird Al" Yankovic has released 'Sports Song,' the fifth video this week off his new 'Mandatory Fun' album. Unlike the other videos released this week, 'Sports Song' is not a direct parody of a mainstream pop hit, but rather a comedic satire of every sports fight song ever written.

'Sports Song' debuted on Funny or Die today and features Weird Al as the drum major of what looks like a high school or college marching band, stomping in the middle of a football field. The songs sums up every chant, every rant shouted at sporting events, hence the appropriate generic title, 'Sports Song.'

"Your sports team is vastly inferior / That simple fact is plainly obvious to see / We’re gonna kick your collective posterior / Of course you realize we’re speaking figuratively," Yankovic chants. The chorus is ultimately even more succinct, with "We’re great (we’re great) / And you suck (you suck) / You see there’s us (we’re great) / And then there’s you (you suck)."

Perhaps 'Sports Song' will inspire students to put a little bit more creativity into their fight songs?

Click on the video above to check out Weird Al's hilarious 'Sports Song' video.

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