As part of his "eight videos in eight days" promise, Weird Al Yankovic has unveiled the video for the 'Word Crimes,' the second parody off his new 'Mandatory Fun' album, which was released today.

'Word Crimes' takes on Robin Thicke's 2013 hit 'Blurred Lines,' and is music to the ears of those who are fed up with a new generation of kids communicating with texting shortcuts and emojis in place of proper English.

The video borrows elements of the 'Blurred Lines' video, but mainly showcases punctuation marks and unnecessary hashtags in an age where short tweets and texting have replaced the art of writing.

In fact, the video could very well educate a lot of people about proper usage regarding some of the most common errors they make.

For instance, in regards to the use of "its vs. it's," the video shows the sentence "Every dog has it's day" and sings, "Say you got an i-t, followed by an apostrophe / S, what does that mean? You would not use 'it's' in this case / As a possessive / It's a contraction."

In the rap verse that is originally sung by T.I., fans are also treated to a lyric about the proper use of "who vs. whom." "One thing that I ask of you / Time to learn your homophones is past due / You learn to diagram a sentence or two / Always say 'to whom' don't ever say 'to who.'"

It's a pretty ingenious and relevant song in this day and age of rushed communication as a result of smartphone texting and social media writing. Check out 'Word Crimes' by clicking on the video above.

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