Just in case you couldn't go to bed tonight without knowing the scent of Harry Styles' curly mop, One Direction's hairstylist recently revealed, in perfect detail, the exact smell of the singer's locks. Does his hair really smell like the perfect mixture of autumn leaves and sex? Or is it more of an aroma of teardrops from Taylor Swift's guitar?

"Actually, it smells of a combination of the One Direction perfume, some Fudge Urban Raspberry [hair product], and Vanilla Hair Spray and tour catering," Lou Teasdale, the band's hairstylist, revealed to Sugarscape.

Now that we can all sleep a little more soundly, how exactly does Teasdale get Styles' curls so flawlessly tousled? Well, according to her, the trick is to try a little bit of an old-school technique.

"The secret to curls is to let them dry naturally, but if you need to get ready quick, invest in a good old '80s diffuser attachment for your hairdryer," she told the site. "Not even joking."

It seems as if Styles has a flair for the fashion and culture of previous decades -- after all, he certainly does have that Mick Jagger look down-pat.