Is Whitney Houston planning her big screen comeback? And is Jordin Sparks going to make her debut on the silver screen? Both women's names have been attached to the remake of the 1976 musical drama 'Sparkle,' but only one has confirmed that she will be taking on a role in the film.

Jordin Sparks is set to play the title character in 'Sparkle,' while Houston is in talks to portray her mother, the hard-working Effie, in the movie. If Houston took the role of Effie, it would be her first time acting in a motion picture since 1996, when she starred alongside Denzel Washington in 'The Preacher's Wife.'

The plot line of 'Sparkle' involves three sisters in a singing group who are trying to make their way from rags to riches, hitting a lot of rough spots along the path. Mike Epps is also starring in the movie as Satin, an abusive man who marries one of the sister's (who was actually named Sister in the original -- yes, there are a lot of strange names in this movie) and gets her hooked on drugs.

Sparks will be filling the shoes of 'Sparkle' for Irene Cara, who played the R&B songbird in the original. Soul man Curtis Mayfield served as score composer and producer for the songs featured in the film -- we hope the original holds the integrity of his compositions!