Ever wondered why police officers are always wearing sunglasses?

Typically, you see cops strut around town or lean into your car window when they pull you over and they have their trademark monochromatic uniform on with all the attachments – a screeching radio, a taser, a badge.

They might also wear some sort of hat, or have a mustache with a tie or belt on.

However, one thing all cops usually have in common is their totally black, impenetrable sunglasses.

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You might think it's just because it makes them feel cooler, or it matches the aesthetic of their police uniforms, but there are real reasons why cops don sunglasses on the daily.

Find out more about why police officers wear sunglasses, below:

To Protect Their Eyes From Harmful UV Rays

One important reason applies to the health of the officers, especially ones who are outdoors for large parts of the day.

Protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays when out in the sun is something that all people should consider, including police officers.

UV protective sunglasses shield the eyes by reflecting or blocking UVA and UVB rays that can cause headaches, eye strain and can even help prevent eye diseases like cataracts and macular degeneration, as well as skin cancer around the area, per Cleveland Clinic.

To Protect Their Eyes From Foreign Materials

Another reason cops wear sunglasses is to protect their eyes from potential debris, whether that's during traffic patrols or other kinds of shifts on duty where they may encounter foreign materials lobbed at their eyes.

This could range from dust, glass, drinks and more, to even just strong winds.

This is why cops typically wear sturdy glasses with impact resistance, according to Police1.

To Conceal Their Eyes While Scanning a Suspect

Cops like to remain mysterious, and sunglasses apparently help them achieve just that by concealing their eye movement while interacting with suspects.

According to the National Police Association, sunglasses have "tactical value."

They explained that sunglasses can shield an officer's eyes as they discreetly search a vehicle or suspect for weapons, contraband and more without alerting the suspect.

Plus, they help hide the officer's emotions and reactions to situations.

This makes it less likely that the subject will flee or fight, because they are unaware of where the officer's attention truly lies, the outlet said.

To Help Their Eyes Quickly Adjust Between Different Lighting

The last reason is a simple one: lighting.

The NPA explained that going from the harsh sunlight outdoors to the inside of a vehicle or building can be an abrupt transition for the eyes, and sunglasses help mitigate that.

Some officers even wear fortified sunglasses that protect against laser pointers.

Police1 noted that it's also important for officers to wear sunglasses that don't distort colors so that they can properly identify suspects and cars.

Plus, they recommended that officers invest in polarized sunglasses to reduce glare.

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