Sharp-dressed men and Jamie Foxx dazzled television audiences around the country by performing their upbeat, lyrically simple new song 'Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)' on 'American Idol' tonight.

The singers transformed the 'Idol' stage into a party for four minutes; to put it mildly, it was a spectacle, full of colorfully dressed dancers and percussionists. The song is from the upcoming animated film 'Rio,' which hits theaters April 15. If you're trying to find the best way to plug a new film's release date, well, then performing a song on 'American Idol,' which is enjoying a ratings upswing this season and reaches roughly a gajillion viewers, is a pretty good way to go

Foxx wore his sunglasses at night and inside and while performing. Host Ryan Seacrest had about 30 seconds to chat with the superstars after they were finished. The only nugget of wisdom that Foxx was able to offer about why viewers should head to the multiplex to see the big and bright 'Rio' is because "it's fun for the whole family."

So there you go, what more of a sales pitch could you possibly want? The man knows movies and the man knows music. Make a note to head to the move theater on April 15 to see 'Rio.'

Watch and Jamie Foxx perform 'Hot Wings (I Wanna Party)' on 'American Idol'