The kouple that plays together stays together, right? Looks like "Are they or aren't they but they probably are since they both love media attention and you don't hold hands in public with paparazzi flashbulbs in your face with someone you aren't dating" pair Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might take their personal kourtship up a notch to professional by kollaborating a song together.

Is a Kimye single on deck?

West referenced being in love with Kardashian in the song 'Theraflu,' whose title was changed to 'Way Too Cold,' and she recorded a charity single 'Jam (Turn It Up)' with uber producer The-Dream, which actually left critics way too cold, even thought it was for a good cause. So they both have the musical history, him more so than her. So will they collide in the studio? It's not like West doesn't have the skillz to make his lady love look and sound good.

“Kanye wants Kim to record a song with him but she’s a little nervous,” a source told Hollywood Life. “But she’s definitely considering it. She sort of thinks Kanye is joking around but he’s totally serious.”

Tell us, PopCrush readers. Would a Kimye kollaboration excite you?

Listen to Kim Kardashian 'Jam (Turn It Up)'