Actors are known for immersing themselves in their onscreen roles, but it's probably safe to assume that they revert back to their real-life personas once the cameras are off, right? As it turns out, no. Well, not if you're as method as Jared Leto playing the Joker, anyway.

During an interview on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show (which you can check out above), Will Smith revealed that despite working closely with Leto while shooting the upcoming movie Suicide Squad, the two have never actually met each other out-of-character.

He said, “I’ve never actually met Jared Leto. We worked together for six months and we’ve never exchanged a word outside of ‘Action!’ and ‘Cut!’ We’ve never said ‘Hello,’ we’ve never said, ‘Good day.’ I’ve only ever spoken to him as Deadshot and him as the Joker. I literally have not met him yet.”

After driving the point home that “not a single word [was] exchanged off camera,” Smith continued, “He was all in on the Joker. I’m looking forward to meeting him, I’ve only ever met the Joker.”

Have you ever worked closely with another person for months, yet never uttered a single word to them? How do you get away with that? Is there a coworker you're currently forced into uncomfortably close quarters with, who you wish you could have such a non-relationship with? Do you find method acting to be a little bizarre? How awkward do you predict the Suicide Squad promo tour will be? Sound off in the comments.

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