Wiz Khalifa made his debut on Saturday Night Live last night (May 2) and gave the crowd two stellar performances with "See You Again" and "We Dem Boyz."

He started his first performance with the hit single off the Furious 7, "See You Again." Wiz, who looked all spruced up in an all black ensemble, brought a hopeful and happier tone to the otherwise heavy song. With the track all over the radio these days, the Philly rapper's dancing during the track gave the performance more lightheartedness.

Charlie Puth, who recently dropped "I Won't Tell a Soul," was also at the performance to provide the buttery Sam Smith-like vocals and honest heart on the chorus. The YouTube star shared his excitement about performing on SNl via Instagram.

When Wiz returned to the SNL stage for his second musical round, the Taylor gang artist went a little harder with "We Dem Boyz." Although the track was dropped at the top of 2014, it is still a crowd pleaser. The bouncy beat made everyone from the band to the audience groove along with him. You can see the full performance below.

Wiz Khalifa threw down a really solid set on last night's SNL. And although it would have been great to see the cast of Furious 7 come together during "See You Again" (we can only dream) or the rest of his Taylor Gang to provide the hype support on the second track, Wiz proved that he's made to be in the spotlight. And it looks like he was pretty proud of himself, too. So happy, in fact, that he didn't even want to get out of his performance outfit.

Was he too tired to change? Or maybe Wiz just found the jeans to be a new lucky charm.