A woman on Reddit says her self-esteem is broken after her boyfriend admitted he isn't attracted to many things about her body.

"My boyfriend of nearly a year is an avid gym-goer. I’ve always worked out but when we started dating he shared with me his lifts and I have since made a lot of progress! I am lifting heavier and more consistently than ever and seeing results," she wrote on Reddit.

The couple have struggled to be physically intimate, with the boyfriend blaming his issues on watching porn and claiming he was simply "taking care of himself out of habit."

"I told him that sometimes I feel like we are just friends because he doesn’t make moves, etc. I felt like he’s not attracted to me and he ended up writing a whole novel in his notes app telling me it’s maybe because he notices parts of my body that I need to tighten up so that’s probably why I can sense he isn’t attracted to me sometimes," she continued, adding his admission made her feel like "a hideous ogre."

"Is this normal or is his mind so warped from p--n that he can’t enjoy a natural woman? I’m an attractive woman that invests a lot in self care and takes pride in looking good. I’ve always struggled with body image and hearing this completely broke me last night and I can’t see myself marrying someone who thinks this way about me or anyone in general," the woman shared on the forum.

Meanwhile, when she expressed her pain to her boyfriend, he started "crying" and claimed he didn't want to hurt her, but instead simply "wanted to share" that "he is attracted to me but he notices the bloat and I just need to tighten up and be stricter with my diet."

"I cried so much last night I felt punch drunk. He wants to be with me and wants to see me Sunday but I am traumatized. This makes me not want to eat, change in front of him or let him see my body anymore," the heartbroken woman concluded.

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Users in the comments blasted the woman's boyfriend, with many suggesting she dump him.

"He thought it was 'simple sharing' because he felt 100 [percent] correct to externalize blame, and examine your body instead of his own thoughts, behaviors or body. He felt so absolutely that it was your problem to solve for him and your responsibility to meet his physical expectations. He’s probably congratulating himself for being sad about hurting you (and expecting you to comfort him through that). You’re too old for this. This is not life partner material. I’d step off," one person wrote.

"You deserve better than this… Find a guy who worships the ground you walk on, and deserves your worship too. I promise you they are out there," another chimed in.

"He doesn't like you, probably because he doesn't even like himself. Miserable people go out of their way to make everyone as miserable as them," someone else commented.

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