Online dating can be brutal, and it certainly has been for one woman who took to TikTok to reveal the harsh message she received after she matched with a guy on a dating app.

TikTok user @jesspalumbo16, a.k.a. Jess, shared a screenshot of a text exchange she had with a potential suitor after the two matched on Tinder.

"Hey J," the man's initial message began to Jess. "We should hang out tomorrow. U look fun. I have my own house. Come over."

"No one ever wants to go on dates anymore lol," Jess replied.

That's when the man shot Jess' date proposal down while simultaneously insulting her. Instead of asking her out on a date, which he deemed her "not hot enough" for, he proposed she just come over to his house.

"Haha you're not hot enough sorry honey," he wrote to her. "Def would have u over to play though."

The TikTok shows that Jess didn't bother to respond to the outrageous message.

Watch the clip, below:

Users on TikTok were shocked by the man's brazen texts.

"Not Jimmy Neutron thinking he can speak to you like that," one person wrote, while another commented: "The audacity is so ungodly high."

"What grown man says 'have you over to play.' We playing hop scotch or what? Bye," a third wrote.

"Anytime a man insists on hanging out at his house as a first encounter… Immediate block," another user commented.

Others commented that exchanges like this have deterred them from trying online dating.

"This is why I’ve deleted every single dating app and I refuse to download them again," a person wrote.

"The only reason I use a dating app these days is to swipe left for fun," yet another weighed in.

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