Wonder Girls, a K-Pop band comprised of each-one-is-hotter-than-the-next chicks, have dropped the futuristic, sci-fi video for 'Like Money,' which includes a cameo from Akon. If the future is now, will Wonder Girls be the ladies who usher K-Pop -- translation: Korean Pop, if you reside under a rock -- to prominence in the U.S.? Will the genre truly arrive? It's too soon to tell, but the Girls have all the right moves.

The video, which boasts a voiceover espousing the virtues of human genetics combined with robotic enhancements to produce bionic women given the title of 'Wonder Girls,' who are perfectly designed for complete domination, seems to be making a statement about the genre and it's on-the-cusp-of-greatness potential.

That's when the scene switches to the catsuit clad five-piece dancing and singing. The setting and scenery remind us a bit of Lady Gaga's 'Bad Romance' video. These sextacular scenes are meshed with the sci-fi footage of the ladies being Frankstein-ed together, but the old bolt-in-the-neck monster never looked sexy like the Wonder Girls do.

Cut to a costume change, which finds the gals now cloaked in short, silver dresses that look constructed of aluminum foil, and more dancing, plus Akon's appearance, where he drops robotic raps, and you've got yourself a bright and bouncy K-Pop video.

The girls are hot. They have all the right moves, combined with slick production and a light, frothy sound. The Wonder Girls have all the ingredients of the recipe to break. Whether their glossy pop concoction catches fire in the U.S. remains to be seen. They sure get points for trying.

Watch the Wonder Girls 'Like Money' Video Feat. Akon