We’re well on our way into 2011, which means it's time to share our list of the most awesomely worst album covers of the year. A slew of the awful album art encases unique and creative music -- but we're not judging on that, are we? Check out our rundown of the worst album covers of 2011, so far!

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    'I Sold My Moon Boots to a Girl From Greece'

    To start off 2011’s Worst Album Covers list is this endearing (or maybe not so much) image by European musician Enik. The only bearable part of this album cover is the little mutt on the right. The old man with the lollipop is flat out disturbing, in a pedophilic way.

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    'Gloss Drop'

    Is this pink mush gum? Play-doh? Expired Silly String? Whatever it is, its glossy, brainy texture makes us think of a science project gone wrong. Perhaps it is a couple of pounds of waxy minced-meat. Who knows?

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    Maylee Todd

    'Choose Your Own Adventure'

    It takes guts for singer Maylee Todd to don this awkward outfit. She graces the cover of her album in a half human / half kangaroo costume -- and things get weirder once you realize the tail of her costume looks like a third foot.

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    'Universal Pulse'

    This album cover looks like National Geographic on an acid trip through the lens of a kaleidoscope. A Pink Floyd-esque pyramid (but set in space) surrounded by earth's greatest biomes (forests, deserts, oceans) and exotic animals (baboon, eagle, ram) makes this a high contender on our list of the Worst Album Covers of 2011.

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    Lady Gaga

    'Born This Way'

    Everyone knows it, they just don't want to admit it: Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' album cover is not one of her best. Maybe we just have high expectations, but her way of showing her little monsters that she’s always transforming and changing could have been better displayed in the form of the infamous "egg."

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    Toro Y Moi

    'Underneath the Pine'

    At first glance it may look a little like Jesus eating a flower ... Or some sort of sea urchin. But it's actually a portrait of the lead singer, Chaz Bundick, eating a grapefruit. Okay, so maybe it's not the the worst now that you know it's a grapefruit.

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    The Steve Miller Band

    'Let Your Hair Down'

    Steve Miller and his band may have taken the title of their album a little too literally. So if he's going to play that game, we will too: How is the "hare" supposed to get down the side of his head with that miniature ladder anyways? Hey, they started it.

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    The Limousines

    'Get Sharp'

    Let's face it: This spit bubble is gross to look at, regardless if it's attached to a hot chick. Spit bubbles were hip at the age of 5, but as album art it's pretty repulsive. What's next, boogers?

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    'Koi Ni Booing Boo'

    Bizarre imported album art never looked so good (in a bad way). S/mileage -- an all girl pop group from Japan -- win the runner-up crown thanks to their pig nose pieces and matching ears.

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    Limp Bizkit

    'Gold Cobra'

    Leave it up to Limp Bizkit to take the No. 1 spot on our worst album cover list, so far. Known for their strange album art in the past, their new release 'Gold Cobra' features three peculiar looking women, a cobra (that isn't even gold) and a ghoulish, voyeuristic ape man on the right that looks like Gollum. Congrats Limp Bizkit, you've produced yet another "eccentric" album cover.


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