Move over, Kim Kardashian — you've had your chance at breaking the Internet, and now it's Wreck-It Ralph's turn... literally! Walt Disney Animation has announced that a sequel to the hit 2012 animated video game comedy is officially underway.

With help from Ralph's voice actor John C. Reilly, the film's director Rich Moore and screenwriter Phil Johnston — the same duo behind Disney's smash anthropomorphic animal movie, Zootopia, which was released on March 4 — made the announcement on Facebook earlier this morning (June 30) via a live video on the company's' page.

While details for the follow-up are still sparse, Reilly, wearing Ralph-sized fists, did drop a mega-byte-sized hint about what sort of shenanigans his character will be getting into when the movie hits theaters in 2018.

"Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the Internet," he revealed in the clip. "What could go wrong?"

Sarah Silverman, who played the spunky, wisecracking Vanellope von Schweetz in the original film, did not appear in the video. However, both she and Reilly are confirmed to reprise their roles as the dynamic 8-bit duo from the fictional in-film games "Sugar Rush" and "Fix-It Felix," respectively.

Disney also previewed a promotional image from the upcoming sequel, which shows Vanellope sitting atop Ralph's shoulders as the two loom over a digital web interface. Sites like Google ("Gugle"), Amazon ("Amazing") and grubHub ("LubHub") are all parodied in the image — and do we spot the glowing triple Xs of a porn streaming site in there, or are our eyes playing a trick on us?

Four years ago, Owl City sang "When Can I See You Again?" on the soundtrack for the beloved animated movie and now, we have an answer: The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph will smash into theaters March 9, 2018.

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