Pitbull and Ne-Yo brought some 'International Love' and their collabo track 'Give Me Everything' to the stage of the 'X Factor' finale tonight (Dec. 22.) Ne-Yo filled in for Chris Brown on 'International Love,' while 'X Factor' semi-finalist Marcus Canty dropped by to sing a verse on 'Give Me Everything.' Canty was in his element, wearing some serious black leather pants, too.

It was the perfect song for Canty to showcase his skills, since it plays to his strength, which is to seamlessly mix pop, hip-hop and R&B. It didn't hurt that he was on a national stage, surrounded by two bonafide super duper stars in the genre he is hoping to build a career in. While Canty may have been voted off last week, he was certainly in the best possible position by performing with these two!

Pit, Ne-Yo and Canty elevated the mood, since the tension in the room was incredibly thick as viewers waited for the winner results. Josh Krajcik and Melanie Amaro were the final two contenders on 'X Factor,' with Amaro ultimately taking home to $5 million recording contract as the champ.