We agree with Nicole Scherzinger. We adore Stacy Francis as a person, but her performance of Meat Loaf's 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now,' left too much to be desired. At this point in the competition, Stacy has been spoiling us with high and long notes that proved to bring on the goosebumps at any given moment. Tonight was a different story.

The theme of Rock Week on 'X Factor' seems like it was strategically picked to root out those performers who really don't have, well, that "x-factor." Stacy Francis was surely lacking in that inexplicable "star quality" tonight.

The performance started off strong and seemed to crumble slowly into a pile on the floor at the finish. The last few notes Francis hit were screechy and almost had a opera-like quality to them (yes, it confused us too). Stacy just ain't a rock chick, she's a soul sista!

The judges, save for Simon, were all pretty kind to Francis. It seemed as though Francis was just having an off-week (hey, we all have them!). Cowell said, "I wanted rock. That was a pebble."

At the end, Stacy thanked her "franatics" for all their support. We're sure her fan base, which must be pretty rabid if they've named themselves, will do their part to get her through the the next round, but Francis must do her part to get back to her old self.

Watch Stacy Francis Perform Meat Loaf's 'It's All Coming Back to Me Now' on 'X Factor'