Yellowcard are putting down their electric guitars, amps, and drumkits for a stripped-down performance of their newest single, 'Hang You Up.' The pop-punk quintet visited the MTV headquarters for their first-ever acoustic performance of their new song, and the results are quite different from their hilarious video for 'Hang You Up.'

The video, which premiered on MTV's Buzzworthy blog, has an ethereal atmosphere, as the guys from Yellowcard sit in front of a beaded curtain of twinkles. Throughout the performance, the guys maintain serious dispositions as they perform on two acoustic guitars, a bass guitar, and a violin.

The acoustic setting allows the song's lyrics to take flight as Ryan Key sings emotional lines like: "I get lost sometimes / Another year flies by / But I know if I try / Memories of the light in your eyes /Can take me back in time."

The song 'Hang You Up' is featured on Yellowcard's brand-new album, 'When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes,' which marks the band's first LP since  2007's 'Paper Walls.'

Watch Yellowcard Perform 'Hang You Up' Acoustic