Another old video of a young Kanye West making a huge impression on those around him has popped up online. DDotOmen unearthed the rare clip, which features an adolescent Yeezy reciting a poem dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Shot in 1990, the footage takes place at an assembly celebrating MLK Jr. at John H. Vanderpoel Elementary, a prestigious fine-arts school in Chicago. A young West is summoned to the stage to deliver his MLK Jr. tribute poem, 'His Name Means Love.'

"Everyone lifts their voice and sing / For a man who wanted freedom to ring / Martin Luther King is who I'm speaking of / A man whose name means love," he says. The video shows that at an early age, West was already inspiring people with his words.

As we previously reported, a rare video of a 19-year-old Yeezy rapping at the Chicago club Double Door made the rounds on the Internet Monday (Jan. 17). West showed some impressive mic skills as he recited multiple punchlines and an Ol' Dirty Bastard verse.

These Kanye West video trips down memory lane are fascinating to watch.

Watch Kanye West's Poem Dedicated to MLK Jr.